The Unexplained Disappearance Of Pamela Page

Peoria Arizona is a comfortable suburb just outside of Phoenix Pamela and Rob Page moved there in 1977, and by all accounts their marriage was good.   At the time of Pam’s disappearance, she was 32 years old five-foot-eight 200 pounds with brown eyes and red hair.   Pamela was last seen by an employee of a video store she and her husband Robert Brooks Page owned in Glendale Arizona.


At approximately 8:30 p.m. on July the 20th 1989 the employee told authorities that pam behave normally at the time, and she even talked about future plans to open another store.   On the evening of July the 21st 1989, Rob noticed that Pam was acting strangely.   When he awoke, late at night, he discovered that she was not in bed with him.   He went downstairs and found her on their couch looking through family photographs, and she told Rob that her back was hurting and that she was going sleep on the couch that night.   At around 7:00 the next morning Rob woke up and found Pam downstairs sorting through her clothes.   Pam claimed that she wasn’t wasn’t feeling well and Rob agreed to open the store for her.   When he got to his car he apparently had engine switch problems.   After he fixed the problem with his car Rob went to the video store and opened it.   Rob came home to an empty house and a letter from Pam that said she had a left town with a woman named Sarah and that she had been planning this for a long time.   Rob claimed he was embarrassed because he thought his wife had left him for another woman.  

He did not notify Pam’s family in Arkansas that she was gone for days.   Later, however, Pams older sister Trina happened to call, Rob advised at that time that Pam had run away.   Trina was surprised to learn of Pam’s disappearance.  However, when Pam’s sister Jenny called the Arizona police they told her that no report of a missing person had ever been filed by that name.   

Rob Page told detectives on the day of Pam’s disappearance that he left home around 8:00 am.   Later he went to several auto parts stores looking for a replacement engine switch.   In the parking lot of one of the stores, the truck would not start.   He claimed that he called home but received no answer.   He assumed Pam had gone to the video store, after all, so he phoned for a taxi to take him home.   Rob claimed that he never actually went to his house he went instead into the garage and grabbed a part for his truck.   He then got on his bike and went back to the store when his truck finally started.   He drove back home and found a letter from Pam.   

According to the letter, Pam had taken all the money sixty thousand dollars from a safe in the video store.   Rob claimed that he went to the store and found that the money was indeed missing.   The letter also said that Pam had left their yellow 1981 Corvette parked at a local donut shop.   Rob found the Corvette at the donut shop the next day.   The police, however, questioned the details of Rob’s story.   The employees at the auto parts store did not remember Rob or anyone asking about an ignition switch on that day.   Rob also claimed that his truck, which was very distinctive.  This truck very brightly colored, with writing on it for his business, was parked at the store for 4 hours.   However, none of the employees remembered seeing the truck.   The police also found it curious that Pam’s Corvette was parked directly across the street from the auto parts store even though Rob claimed it took him a day to find the car.   The one part of Rob story that was verified was that a taxi driver did indeed pick him up that day from that location.   

Authorities decided to investigate Pam’s letter further.   They tried without success to identify the woman named Sarah.   Rob claimed that he had never met Sarah, but he said that Pam had talked about her.   He believed that Pam and Sarah had met at the video store.   However, authorities could find no customer with that name that knew Pam personally.   Rob also claimed that the dog which was Pam’s was also missing, but Pam actually had two dogs she had raised them together since they were puppies and everyone that knew Pam said that the dogs were her babies, and she would never take one without taking the other.   

Jenny, a sister of Pam’s, said Pam was the youngest of eight children and the disappearance was especially hard on her parents Willie and Mary Frisbee.   According to Jenny, she was very close to her mom, more than anyone else.   She never missed a birthday, never missed a holiday and remained in constant contact with her family.   It seemed out of character for her not to let anyone know where she was, but she didn’t think about that first.   I just thought about the one thing on my mind getting word to someone that she was missing.   Pam’s father Willie Frisbee asked to see the letter that Rob said that was left by Pam.   Rob faxed a copy to Mr. Frisby, and Mr. Frisby was immediately distressed.   He said when I received that faxed letter I knew that something was very wrong.   For one thing, I looked at the signature.  I had birthday cards and letters from Pam and the signature was not her signature.  


At first, Rob was insistent that Pam had signed the letter.   Eventually, he confessed to signing the note himself.   He then began to tell a very different story.   Rob now claimed that a week prior to Pam’s disappearance he found the letter on their home computer.   He said he confronted Pam about the letter but she said that she wrote it after an argument, and she had no intentions of leaving him.   On the day of the disappearance, he claimed he actually went to work that day and stayed there until 12:00 pm.   When he came home he found the house was in disarray he claimed that all of Pam’s clothes were missing except the ones that she had set aside for Goodwill.   He also said that the family pictures were gone, along with the dog, Pam’s credit cards, and keys were on the kitchen table but her driver’s license was missing.   Rob, claimed that he had added four lines to Pam’s letter on the computer, printed it, and signed Pam’s name.   He then drove Pam’s Corvette to the donut shop and called for a taxi to get back home.   Rob stated that he fabricated several parts of the story because he felt that no one would believe that Pam left him.   

Authorities were extremely suspicious of Rob Page due to inconsistencies in circumstances surrounding Pam’s disappearance.   He was offered to take a polygraph examination but he refused numerous times.  After Pam’s disappearance, Rob declared bankruptcy for the video store.   Pamela’s family said the store was doing well financially and was about to expand and there was no need for bankruptcy.   Robert also sold Pamela’s car.   Investigators discovered that the sale arrangement had been made prior to Pamela’s disappearance.   Robert filed for divorce just weeks after Pamela’s disappearance.   Rob hired a private investigator to locate her but nothing came with investigators efforts.   Despite his suspicious actions Rob was never charged in Pam’s disappearance.   

Pam’s sister Jenny eventually consulted a police psychic named Carol Pate in a Little Rock, Arkansas.   Carol, working from a photo, said she saw a man presumably Rob arguing with Pam.   Pate says she saw Pam argue with the man.   The man then struck and suffocated her.   She said, then she saw the man being helped by a woman.   The two apparently put Pam’s body in a car trunk and drove away.   Pate then said she saw the name Coolidge and the numbers 2,4,1.   She then saw a gray factory near a railroad track.   Pate finally saw the man and woman bury Pam in a field near that factory.   A reporter who was in touch with Pam’s family decided to follow up on some of Carol Pates clues.   she discovered a gray factory, near a railroad track in Peoria Arizona.   Nearby the reporter found the numbers 241 and a street named Coolidge.   

Authorities were hesitant to believe Carol Pates information.   They are still uncertain about whether Pam is alive or dead.   In 2009 Rob Page died of cancer.   There are many theories about this case of what happened, but basically, it comes down to two.   The first one being Pam very quietly left never told anyone, never saw or spoke to her family members again and just simply disappeared.   The other theory is a Rob Page either killed or had something to do with the disappearance of his wife.   I’m definitely with number two theory.   All the evidence is there.   This was 1989, things are different now, with forensics and DNA.   They would have confiscated the cars.   They would have gone through the house, thoroughly.   I think it would have been a different crime scene today than it was back then.   The one thing we do know is a fact, Pamela Paige has never been seen or heard from again.

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